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outdoor security
« on: October 17, 2007, 01:13:18 pm »
i have noticed that the security forum is centered around indoor security and your rights. i have learned alot from these posts but i am an outdoor grower. the #1 most important aspect of outdoor growing is the security of your site. while this is one of the best resources for cultivation insight i have come across(not intended as flattery but true) i have had to go off site to find info related to this subject, and truthfully i havent had much luck. i suppose people like to keep this subject to themselves considering it does involve the livelyhood of there hard work. a little common sense and planning has helped me find my spots however like almost all outdoor growers i have had some of the fruits of my labors stolen. i find this is a complaint shared by a lot of others on this site. perhaps a subforum in the outdoor growing forum where growers can share tips on how to better hide there plants would be useful.  please let me know what the staff at this site thinks about this suggestion...thanx--stanks